Medical Hostel Admission & Rules to be followed

Rules to be followed (revised on 25th October 2013)

  1. The studentsshould be respectfully dressed on leaving the room for any purpose.

    Medical Hos

    Medical Hostel – Jaffna Town Hostel Premises

  2. The male students should not enter the female hostel and the female students should not enter the male hostel except for events in the lecture hall.
  3. Any combined activities should be held in the open space with the permission of the wardens and the Dean through respective sub-wardens.
  4. Entry of outsider into the hostel is strictly prohibited. They may come and meet the students in the common rooms of the respective hall.
  5. Alcohol or other intoxicants, banned substance, smoking are strictly prohibited in the hostels. Any student found under the influence or possession of these materials will be subjected to disciplinary action including immediate explanation.
  6. Peace and harmony should prevail in the hostel to providing a conducive learning environment.
  7. Recreational activities should be organized in such a way as to avoid disturbance to others with the permission of the sub—warden.
  8. Water should be judiciously used and wasting of water should be prevented for the benefit of all students in the hostel.
  9. Drinking water provided in one specified point, in the dinning room, should be used only for drinking purposes.
  10. All wastes, including sanitary pads and left over food,should be disposed in containers kept forthespecificpurposeandtheyshould be thrown indiscriminately all over the hostel leading to un-hygienic consequences and blocking of the waste water channels
    1. Annual Review will be made
    2. Deadline will be given for applying accommodation in Hostel.
    3. When new students admitted, there should be a list with names and registration numbers in the lobby including the current occupants

 Conditions for Admission to Medical Students

  • All students following the course of Medicine can apply for accommodation in medical Hostels: Kanagastmtheram Hostel for Male Students and Sivagnanasundram Hostel for Females/ Even though these hostels are placed in the same compound, they will remain two separate hostels administered by separate wardens and sub-wardens.
  • Order of Priory: All Professorial students and first year students. lf available, the distance students from outside the North Province, students from outside the Jaffna District and students from Jaffna District who are away from Faculty of Medicine beyond l0 Kilo meters will be considered with the financial status certified by the Grama Sevaka and Divisional Secretary be looked into for accommodation.
  • Period of accommodation: Students will be given accommodation for a maximum of one year at a time with the commencement of each professorial appointment, new applications will be called and students will be admitted on the basis of fresh applications.
  • Admission Committee: When problem arises regarding admitting students to Hostels because of lack of rooms, a committee comprising both wardens, student counselors of the Faculty of Medicine and two representatives from MSU will decide on the eligible students based on the priority mentioned above. Dean will be the Chairperson.
  • Hostel Committee: As soon as the students are allocated rooms, students in each hostel will elect a committee to represent matters which will be dissolved at the end of current period of accommodation. The committee should be approved by the wardens and the Dean to become operational. The composition of the committee should be such that it represents students from all batches and the President and the Secretary should be sufficiently senior in the Faculty and acceptable to all concerned.