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Medical Students’ Union

Under act No 26 of 1988

Representative of all students of such Faculty and the office bearers of such Union shall be elected by secret ballot for that academic year.

A Faculty Student Union shall consist of:
(a) President;
(b) Vice-president
(c) Secretary;
(d) Editor;
(e) Junior Treasurer; and
(f) Such other members as may be determined by each Higher Educational Institution in the following manner:-
i. Two members for a Faculty with two hundred or less registered students;
ii. Four members for a Faculty with two hundred and one to four hundred registered students;
iii. Six members for a Faculty with four hundred and one to six hundred registered students
iv. Eight members for a Faculty with over six hundred registered students.

Functions and Duties of the Office-Bearers

(I) The functions and duties of the president shall be:
(a) To preside at all meetings of the Union;
(b) To carry out the decisions of the Union and
(c) To call meetings of the Union

(II) The functions and duties of the Vice-President shall be:
(a) To preside at any meetings of the Union in the absence of the president;
(b) To assist the president in the discharge of his duties and
(c) To carry any other function or duty assigned to him by the Union.

(III) The functions and duties of the secretary shall be:
(a) To keep records of all proceedings of the Union;
(b) To summon meetings of the Union on the instruction of the president or upon the requisition of not less than one third of the total membership of the Union;
(c) To ensure that minutes of the proceedings are available for inspection by any member of the Union.
(d) To keep informed the student counselors of the activities of the Union.

(IV) The functions and duties of the editor shall be:
(a) To be in charge of any publication the union may decide to publish (he/she may seek the help of an editorial board that may be appointed by the Union)
(b) To get the approval in writing, of the senior Treasurer or his/her nominee for every article or other contribution before it goes to the press.
(c) To have the incomes and expenditures connected with any publication of the Union determined by the Union in concurrence of the Senior Treasurer.

(V) The functions and duties of the Junior Treasurer shall be:
(a) To have custody of the funds of the Union.
(b) To ensure that all income and expenditure is properly recorded and accounted for in the books kept for this purpose, subject to the rules pertaining to maintaining of such accounts.
(c) To make payments out of the funds of the Union with the approval of the Senior Treasurer.
(d) To prepare a budget for the academic year after consultation with the office-bearers to be submitted to the Union within one month from the date of election of the office-bearers.
(e) To prepare supplementary estimates when necessary.
(f) To submit to the Auditor through the Senior Treasurer a statement of income and expenditure and the balance sheet of the Union for the academic year within two weeks of the end of the academic year in which the Union was elected.

(VI) The functions and duties of the Senior Treasurer shall be:
(a) To superintend the finances and to be responsible for the custody of all monies of the Union.
(b) To exercise the powers and functions assigned to him/her in sections 2(b) (viii), 2(c) (ii), 2(c) (iii), 2(d) (ii), 2(f) (ii) and 2(h).

Duties and Functions

  • To promote the corporate life and welfare of the student community of the faculty
  • To take steps to encourage and further the academic interests of its students
  • To safeguard and protect the good name of the faculty and the institution.
  • To foster cultural and sports activities among the students of the faculty
  • To make recommendations to the USU on matters pertaining to the disbursement of the funds and the general welfare of the student community of the faculty
  • To ensure that all decisions of a Faculty Students Union pertaining to the academic and welfare activities of the faculty are taken by a majority vote of its members.

Elections to the Faculty Students Union

(a) The procedure set out below shall be followed where general elections are held to each Faculty Students Union.

(b) A register of eligible voters shall be prepared by the Dean of the Faculty or any one performing his / her functions. It shall be made available to the members at least 3 days before the nomination day for any corrections to be made. The register certified as correct by the Dean shall be conclusive for all purpose.

(c) The Senior Student Counselor shall be the Elections Officer and shall have the power to nominate any one of the Faculty Student Counselor as the presiding officer.

(d) The Elections officer shall give not less than a week‟s notice for receiving nominations for general elections and not less than three days for by-elections. He shall publish within the university a notice containing the office to be filled, a model nomination form as per section (III) (e) below, the time, date and the place for the receipt of nominations.

(e) Each candidate shall be nominated by means of a nomination paper. Each nomination paper shall be prepared substantially in the form set out below:

We……………………….(name of proposer and seconder) beg to nominate
……………………(name of candidate) for election to the post of
……………….(name of post) of the Faculty Student Union of the Faculty of
Signature of the proposer………………………
signature of the seconder……………………….
I consent to the nomination.
Signature of the Candidate

(f) The nomination paper shall be handed in person to the elections officer by one of the signatories.

(g) A candidate who has tendered his nomination paper shall have the right to withdraw his candidature under his hand, within 24 hours from closing time of nominations.

(h) The Elections Officer shall permit the candidate or one proposer or one seconder to be present while nominations are being received and to scrutinize the nomination paper of any other candidate for the same post. The Elections Officer shall have the right to reject any invalid nominations.

(i) After closing of nominations, if no nomination is received for any post in the Union the Elections Officer shall fix fresh nomination date/s for receiving nominations for such posts.

(j) After closing of nominations, if each office in the Union only one valid nomination is received the Elections Officer shall declare the candidate duly elected for such post.

(k) In the case of other members of the Union where the number of valid nominations received is equal to or less than the number determined as stipulated in section 6(2) of the Universities (Amendment) Act, No. 26 of 1988, the elections officer shall declare the candidates.

(l) Where after closing of nominations, any place in the union under section 6(2) ) of the Universities (Amendment) Act, No. 26 of 1988, remains unfilled, the Elections Officer shall fix fresh nomination dates for receiving nominations for such unfilled places.

(m) When a contest arises, the Elections Officer shall publish a notice specifying the date, time and place of elections, the posts that are contested, and the names of candidates against each post or group of place (in the case of non-official places in the Union). Normally the date for the general election shall be 7 days and for by- election 3 days from the date of closing nominations.

(n) Each election will have as many votes as the number of post/s and places contested. It is not obligatory for a voter to cast all votes which he/she is entitled to exercise. For each post other than the non-official places in the Union membership, he/she has right of casting not more than one vote for the candidate of his choice. As regards the votes for the candidate shall not receive more than one of the elector/s votes. Only one shall be cast by the voter for each candidate.

(o) For each post, other than non-official places of the Union, the candidate receiving highest number of valid votes shall be declared elected. In the case of non-official places of the Union membership, as many candidates as the number of posts contested, who head the list of votes received shall be declared elected in that order. In case of a tie, the winner shall be determined by toss of a coin and by drawing lots where more than two candidates poll an equal number of votes.

(p) A candidate or his/her accredited against can request the Presiding Officer for a maximum of two recounts.

(q) During the time of polling and counting the candidate and his/her accredited agent, or in the absence of the candidate, two accredited agents are entitled to be present at the polling booth and the place of counting.

(r) All the used, unused and spoilt ballot papers shall be packed, sealed and handed over to the Senior Treasurer to be preserved for two weeks.

(s) The election officer shall inform the Vice Chancellor and the Dean of the Respective Faculties the results of the election.

(t) Election petition/s, if any, shall be filed with the vice Chancellor within 72 hours of the announcement of results. He may at his discretion, reject it/them or order fresh election for the particular post in question.