Talent Show 2015

Drama Competition between batches has been one of the most exciting events of the medical students every year. In addition, Last year the 33rd batch had introduced Dance and Musical Contests between batches – the Talent Show, in Medicos’ Week 2014. These events have been a unique platform to the Medical Students to showcase their talents in Aesthetic field.

On 10th April, the Talent show of Medicos’ Week 2015 was held at Hoover Auditorium from 6.30 pm. The programme began with Barathanatya competition and followed by musical competition. Mrs. Priyatharshini vahesan, Perlranjini Danial, Kumuthini Jeyakumar judged the Barathanatya competition and Mr.N.Ragunathan (Srilankan Famous Singer) and Dr.Tharsanan (Head, Department of Music, University of Jaffna) evaluated the talents for Musical Competition.

In Barathanaatya competition, 34th batch won the title and 36th become the runners up. 35th and 37th batch got the successive 3rd and 4th places respectively.

In Musical competition 35th batch got the 1st place and 34th batch became the runners up. 36th and 37th batch took 3rd and 4th places respectively.

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