Our Electives Appointment at Teaching Hospital Batticaloa | 2014

We, the Jaffna medical faculty students are asked to finish an appointment of one month, after the 3rd MBBS part two examinations and before the final year. The appointment is named as ELECTIVES.

For our batch there were some criteria differed from the previous two batches that we can’t do the electives on the major appointments and the appointments we did at our last two years. So we were on a search of the appropriate appointment. The searches ended on medical appointments such as nephrology, neuro surgery, gastro enterology, endocrinology, onco surgery as well as siddha medicine, ayurvedha, pharmaceutics and many others.

Every one of us went in several directions of the country with a group of four or five students. The places were identified by the students according to their accessibility and facilities.

Me, Miss. Abiramie Ranganathan  just wanted to stay home for this vacation as the leave we get annually is very short, the visit to home and spending time with my family is very less. So I just searched the appointments at my home town Batticaloa. As Batticaloa also has a teaching hospital it was easier for me. Just like me, two of my friends Miss.P.Rithanchana and Mr. K. Jey krishna from Batticaloa also wanted to do the appointment here. Our friends    Mr. K. Umasuthan from Jaffna and Mr.A.Annieston from Trincomalee also joined with us.

So five of us got together and searched for an appointment at TH Batticaloa with the help of our seniors Dr. Kalavanthan and Dr. Thanansayan. Finally we decided to do Onco surgery at THB. With the permission of the THB director, We met our consultant sir Dr. Kalana Mendis, Consultant Onco surgeon, THB. With his permission we started the appointment on 27th of October 2014.

From here I am really honored to share our wonderful experiences of our electives. As we are free of para clinical studies and as we wanted to perform well at the clinical at our final year, we showed so much of enthusiasm on doing the appointment. The patients we saw at the appointment every day were very important patients and the number of patients at the ward also appropriate to take the good history and to study the whole management plan. Each of us divided the patients like we do usually and it was discussed at the daily ward round with sir. Not only that, we had theatre and oncall list every day. Had usual clinic on Tuesdays and breast clinic on Wednesdays. Every day we were given home works, the log books were maintained and were checked every day by sir. There was a rule that Each and every patient’s details should be by heart by every one of us. We were expected to do a power point presentation on important cancers. There were practical classes for presentations, suturing and surgical procedures. We were assessed individually for each movement at the ward.

On the final day we had a written exam and an OSCE. The marks were added with the power point presentations and the individual assessment and the marks were shown to us by sir.

Sir was really happy with our performance. As we are strictly guided regarding the punctuality, history taking and patient management at our Jaffna hospital, doing the appointment under sir was really easy for us. Although we were good, sir stated that we lack good skills at targeted examinations and we should improve it. Sir gave a report regarding us to the department with our marks.

And now this is the time to talk regarding our sir. It was a great privilege to do an appointment under sir Dr. Kalana mendis. He was not only our consultant, he taught us how to behave, how to communicate, how to feel the medicine as a best profession. He spent those four weeks totally with us. Every day we had classes, every day we learned a beautiful thing of medicine. Every one of knew the suturing. But sir taught us the technique of suturing just with his eyes on our hands. We just can’t forget those great moments of our appointments. The way he talks with the patients and the way he takes consent for the procedures were excellent. We just had a thought that we should be like him once we are doctors. He was not only a great teacher but also a good guider for the profession and a good friend. Of course we made mistakes, we forgot some procedures, we behaved like children at some points but he just corrected us with the smile and he forgave us with his experience. With that feeling of guilty we just corrected those mistakes and tried to be perfect at the end !!!!

He gave us the respect as a student and asked everyone including the patient to behave the same. Each and every staff of the ward treated us as a respectable human being, of course we felt we are the doctors!! It is just because of sir. We really had a great electives and we got a clear picture of medicine at the correct point of our carrier that is before the professorial appointment.

Thousands of salutes to our respectable sir Dr.Kalana Mendis, the MO annas and the staffs.

That is true that we love medicine more as profession after this appointment by the respect and the experience we got there. This outside appointment changed us a lot of hope and experiences.

The strict rules and punishments we have at our routine appointments taught us to behave well and perfect with the rules of hospital which helped us to earn this good name outside of our faculty and hospital.

Not only the electives gave us the medical knowledge, but also five of us got chances to be very good friends. We enjoyed a lot as there were no pressures like exams or assessments. We had trips around Batticaloa and Ampara. We went to beaches, temples, boating trips, villages, paddy fields and enjoyed the beauty of the nature. We had meals from each of our houses, we attended functions together.  Although three of us from same district we were not able to have those chances as we did not have time and company. This electives gave us the chance to polish ourselves and we are fresh now !!!

We give our heartfelt gratitude to our clinical and elective co-coordinators for the wonderful chance at the appropriate time of our carrier. Otherwise we would have been at home just watching televisions and reading the books.

Thanking you sir.

This one month period is an unforgettable, ever fresh time of our Faculty life!!!

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