Message from the First President of JMFOA for the Silver Jubilee Souvenir

This is the message from Dr. Andy Somesan, the First president of JMFOA for the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of MSU held in 2005.
Dr. Andy Somesan at the 110th AGM in 2014

Dr. Andy Somesan at the 10th AGM of JMFOA in 2014

I am rather span like crazy top reminiscing the old days at the Jaffna Medical School. As a second batch student from Jaffna Medical faculty I was very much involved with the activities of the students union during its pioneer days when it was initiated in 1980.

Silver Jubilee

Silver Jubilee Souvenir (Front Page)

It was just like yesterday we had the first elections to select the committee members. For the President two candidate contested (Ketheeswaran and Sukumar) and fortunately Ketheeswaran from the first batch was success fully elected His visions and the student body’s activities towards faculty developments were enormous.

Those were parlous times, fraught with uncertainty. We were located in Kaithady in the temporary building. There were already new batches of students being added every year without proper accommodation. During this period Medical Student’s Union and its president was responsible for the faculty moving to its present location so that the faculty could grow its wings without any hindrance.

The following year i was elected as the vice President of the Student’s Union Body. My task then was to continue the work before me and contribute to the success of the medical school. When I visited the faculty after 15 years last June, I was so proud of witnessing the seed we have sown almost 25 years ago. It is like a big banyan tree with branches and roots everywhere. More than anything, I was very excited to see the student’s enthusiasm and commitment towards their goals. I was surprised to see our students are keeping up with the rest of the world in creating the computer lab and involving in cyber activities

I don’t want to give you the impression that l am critical, for goodness knows I think that is the worst thing alumni can be. After long experience in sizing up people and personal/medical experiences, I definitely know our students have the intelligence and can go a long way. I am not expecting too much and I will not be disappointed if you don’t turn out to be real genius, but i think you all can be a really worthwhile citizen with good judgment and proud sons and daughters of Jaffna Medical School.

We have reared an organization, a monument…. more enduring than bronze and loftier than the royal pyramids, one the no wasting rain, no unavailing north wind can destroy; no, not even the unending years nor flight of time itself. Now almost 25 years has passed since the creation of our successful body, my heart is pervaded with enormous pride over the great achievements made. I wish you all well at your Silver Jubilee celebrations.

Andy Somesan,
Jaffna Medical Faculty, Overseas Alummi.

Editor MSU

Editor of MSU

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