Medicos’ Week – 2014 at a Glance!

Medicos' Week at a glance

The 22nd Medicos’ Week has been celebrated from 26th March 2014 to 25th May 2014. The event provided a platform to develop the talents of medicos in the views of developing reflective professionalism, inter personnel relationship and leadership qualities of medical students. The 33rd, 34th, 35th and 36th batches took part this year. This time the medicos’ week was initiated with the inauguration ceremony and grandly celebrated with Sports and games, Athletic Day, Drama Day, Talent Show, and Doctors’ & Teachers’ Night and concluded with the Final Day Celebrations.inaguration11

The Medicos’ Week 2014 was started with the inauguration ceremony on the 26th of March 2014 with a friendly cricket match between Teachers and Students in which the Teachers won the match. Most of our Teachers and Consultants came to enjoy the match. The highlight was the participation of our most beloved consultants and teachers.

The sports and games were conducted from 27th March onwards. All the batches participated enthusiastically expressing their talents and unity with the true spirit of game. It is important to note here that Hockey and elle were newly introduced this year where 33rd batch won Hockey and 34th batch won Elle. The breathtaking moments included the Hockey finals where the 33rd leveled the score in the final few minutes to get a glorious victory against the 35th Batch, the same happened in the Football final match where 34th leveled the score against the 33 during last 5 seconds to conquer the penalty shoot out. It is a must to note here the victory of the basketball team of 35th batch who overcame the 36th in the semis and the 33rd in finals by showing their incomparable talents. The Badminton and Table Tennis match had some nail biting moments until the very last sets. 33rd batch won the championships in Hockey, Table Tennis, Tharchi (women) and Carom. 34th batch became champions of cricket, Football, chess, Netball, badminton, Elle, Tharchi (men) and Foot ball. 35th batch won the champion ships in Volleyball (men) and Basketball. 36th batch won the championship in Volleyball (women).

10308322_243909312468803_2817958312788624779_nThe athletic events took place on the 28th April 2014 in the University play ground and the ‘Athletic Day’ held on 4th May 2014, featured the remaining events. Students from all the batches actively took part in track and field events. This day proved the importance of participation in the events and the joy of supporting and encouraging their fellow students. The middle of the day saw some showering from the sky when the all the medicos decided to dance joyously. It was indeed encouraging to see students from all batches getting together after a tough competition in track and field, proving the true spirit of sports. It is no wonder that we accumulated lots of unique memories day. At the end of the day Ms.Y.Vinotha from 34th batch became the woman champion and Mr.R.Thusinthan (34th batch) and Mr.P.Abiharan (35th batch) became champions on the male side. 34th won the overall athletic championship. The 35th Men team and 33rd Women team won bunches of bananas in the Tug of war battle.

Medicos’ week not only focuses on students’ ability in sports and games but also highlights their aesthetic abilities. The Aesthetic events were conducted in various days in the University premises. Ms.S.Lukshiga (33rd batch) won the first place in Tamil Short story, Ms.H. Thabitha (33rd batch) won the first place in English short story. Ms.R.Abinayah (34th batch) won the first place in poetry Tamil and Ms.U.Krishanyhi (33rd batch) won the first place in drawing competition which was newly introduced this year. The Debate competition was conducted in two separate days for the semifinals and the finals. The freshers of the competition, the 36th batch outdid themselves in debating, showing good promise in the future. The Quiz competition, designed to provide an opportunity to the students to show their interests and general knowledge, comprised of ten rounds testing different areas. The 33rd became champions of quiz by outpacing the nearest rivals, 34th batch by more than double amount of the final points.

Picture 2018The 27th of April was declared as Drama day. Dramas from all the batches were staged at the Kailasapathy Auditorium. All the batches staged their dramas, expressing the current social issues in unique ways. The large number of audience as well as the expert judges praised the outstanding talents and the dedication of the medicos for the event. Mr.T.Muhunthan of 33rd Batch and Ms. S. Nagatharsini of 35th Batch were awarded the titles of Best actor and actress respectively and the “Kanguneer” of 34th batch was selected as the best script. The “Mugam Moodigal’ of 33rd batch won the first place amidst great competition.

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The talent show, a new variety in the medicos week history, which provided the stage for Music and Dance contest held on the 1st of May held in Kailasapathy Auditorium, University of Jaffna. ‘Thillana’ uruppadi of Bharathanatya was the first event to take place. The outstanding abilities were showcased without gender differences and were praised by the Judges. All four batches showed their outstanding talents and their performance were praised by the Judges. The 33rd batch won glorious victory in the battle. The music competition which was staged next, witnessed the inter play of vocals, instruments and creativity. As for the words of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow- ‘Music is the universal language of mankind’, there were no language barriers. The 33rd batch touched the souls of the audience by their harmonious music and won the first place.

As a tradition of Medicos’ week, the Doctors’ and Teachers’ night has been celebrated on 12th of May 2014, with another friendly match between Doctors versus students. Again the team of Doctors had a glorious victory. This was followed by a delicious dinner. Such events bring the doctors, teachers and students together and strengthen relationships.

The grand finale of medicos’ week 2014 was conducted on the 25th May 2014 with much joy and enthusiasm. This event, honored with the presence of our Consultants, Doctors and Lecturers, and fellow medicos. The very best talents of medicos were staged on this day. The prize giving of every event as well as the awarding of overall championship of Medicos Week took place on this day. The 33rd batch became the overall champions and 34th and 35th batches became the 1 and 2 runners up respectively. As always, the medicos’ week 2014 also created unique memories of our own. The whole period provided a stage for us, medicos to perform and to conquer.

“Let’s Rise to Light the Dark”

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Medicos’ Week 2014 – Souvenir  (Download File)


  Details of Medicos’ Week Organizing Committee-2014

President                     Mr. J. Sanjeyan (33rd Batch)
Vice President             Mr. S. Nimalan (33rd Batch)
Secretary                     Mr. R. Ahalyan (33rd Batch)
Treasurer                     Ms. T. Sermila  (33rd Batch)
Editor                           Mr. T. Nitharsan  (33rd Batch)
Event Coordinators     Mr. V. Amuthakumar (33rd Batch)
Ms. H. Thabitha Jebaseeli  (33rd Batch)
Committee members   Mr. G. Niruban (33rd Batch)
Mr. S. Thusharen (33rd Batch)
Mr. K. P. S. S. Kiriwattuduwa (33rd Batch)
Mr. T. Rasilkaran (33rd Batch)
Ms. P. Gayathri (33rd Batch)
Ms. W. M. Virajini (33rd Batch)
Batch representatives  Mr. T. Muhunthan (33rd Batch)
Ms. R. Abiramie (33rd Batch)
Mr. B. Thanshayan (34th Batch)
Ms. S. Arunzinthiya (34th Batch)
Mr. R. Kugapirakash (35th Batch)
Ms. B. Aarani (35th Batch)
Mr. A. Thuvarakan (36th Batch)
Ms. M. Thivyabharathy (36th Batch)


Technical Committee of Medicos’ week 2014


Mr. U. C. Wijesingha


Mr. G. Sanjeevan


Mr. N. Sankar


Organizing Committee

Badminton Ms. S. Suganja


Mr. T. Sanchayan


Mr. B. G. Shashi Madushanka


Mr. K. Achutan


Mr. K. Samuel  Rajeen

Table tennis

Mr. G. Thinesan


Mr. N. Diroshan Fernando


Mr. K. P. S. S. Kiriwattuduwa


Mr. J. P. J. Shelton


Mr. V. Vinitharan


Mr. S. Thusaren


Mr. V. Arunath

Short story

Mr. K. Umasuthan


English short story


Mr. S. Virushagapy

Ms. R. Sahithya

Bharathanadiya Contest

Musical Contest

“Success isn’t given; it is earned with blood, sweat and the occasional tear”

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