Thai pongal festival celebration “Thai pongal” celebration was held on 14th January 2014 at faculty of medicine, university of Jaffna. It was organized by the committee which was formed by the students of all batches of faculty of medicine, university of Jaffna. There are 15 members in this committee.

On that day we started to prepare the pongal at about 7 a.m. This event was started by the president of the committee. Most of our students were participated in the preparation of the pongal. The pongal was prepared at about 10 a.m. We worshiped the god sun and distributed the pongal to the participants. Then the first part of the celebration was finished at about 11 a.m.

After that the pongal, sports events were started at the ground of our university at about 2 p.m. The following events were took place during that time.

  • ”Thachchi”for men and women
  • ”pillow fight” for men
  • ”Pot breaking” for men and women
  • ”Marking eye to elephant”
  • ”Tug of war”
  • ”sac race”

At same time the “Kolam” competition was held at the 2nd lobby of our faculty building. Dr. (Mr. & Mrs.) Ambalavanar were the judges of that competition. The ground events were conducted by Mr.sivatheepan and Mr.kartheepan from 33rd batch. These ground events were finished at about 6.00 p.m.

After that the third stage of the pongal festival took place at the lobby of our faculty at about 6 p.m. Welcome address was given by the president of the committee Mr.N.Sankar.After that a poem was recited by Mr.A.Lelukshan from 35th batch about Thai pongal festival. Some songs were presented about thai pongal after the reading of poem by Miss.mathumitha From 34th batch. There after a speech was given by the secretary Mr.K.Sivasuthan about Thai pongal & Tamil culture. After that the “Kolattam” dance was staged by the 35th batch medical students Miss.Krishani, Miss.Kenaka, Miss.Sajibanu and Miss.Nagatharshini. There after a debate about “wheather the literatures are matching to this modern era or not?” Mr.Sarvasewaran was the judge of this debate programme. The following students were participated in the debate competition. Mr. Thushakarn, Mr. Mr.Jeyanth Mr.Nagathesan and Mr.Janagan.

After the debate the prize giving was took place. The prizes were distributed by Mr.Dr.Ambalavanar. After the prize distribution the folk songs were sung by Mr.S.Pranavan, Mr.T.Mukunthan, Miss.V.Sivatharshini, Miss.R.Abiramy, Miss.P.Rithanjana, Miss.R.Sakithya, Miss.M.Sinthuja from 33rd batch.

Finally the vote of thanks was given by secretary of the committee Mr.K.Sivasuthan. The whole programme was anchored by Mr.G.Praneev and Miss.P.Lakshmina.The celebration of “Thai pongal-2014” was successfully finished by the Thai pongal committee-2014

Thank you.

The Medical Students’ Union had instructed the organizing committee of above mentioned event to send a report to MSU and this is the report received from Mr.K.Sivasuthan of 35th batch, the secretary of Pongal Vizha oranizing committee.

Paul Bright

33rd batch. MSU President - 2014

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