Medical camp – 2018 organized by Medical Students’ Union

Our Medical Students’ Union organized a Medical camp on 6th of May 2018 in Analaitivu, in memory of Late Mr. Sathiyendra of 10th batch of our faculty with the assistance of MOH, Kayts.

The Objective of the medical camp was to provide general medical consultations, eye checkups with providence of free spectacles, Pediatric consultations and Dental care services for the people of Analathivu, who do not have access to standard medical facilities. The camp was conducted by the students of the 37th batch representing our Medical students’ union along with the Consultant pediatrician Dr.Mrs.G.Sathiadas, Registrars and Medical officers of Medicine, Surgery, pediatrics and Ophthalmology departments and related technicians of Teaching hospital, Jaffna.

The medical camp was officially commenced at around 9.00 a.m. and continued up to 3.00 p.m. About 150 people attended the camp and obtained the required consultations.

Based on the presenting complaint and the history of those attending the camp, they were directed to the proper consultations and proper medications were given according to the prescriptions. Those who required further investigations and management were referred to Teaching hospital, Jaffna. Patients who required follow up treatment were advised to follow up in their peripheral hospital.Basic screening for Non-communicable diseases was done and those with abnormal findings were referred to Teaching hospital, Jaffna.

Vision was properly assessed in the referred patients and 68 needy patients were given free spectacles. Technicians and the medical officers of ophthalmology department have made a great contribution in identifying the needy patients.

Blood withdrawal was done in the suggested patients by our doctors and the blood samples were taken up and transported to Teaching hospital, Jaffna for the requested investigations. In addition, hemoglobin assessment was done and proper advices were given based on the findings.

In addition to consultations, health education was provided to the participants by our students on fundamental health practices and common health related issues including  topics such as Dental hygiene, Hand washing and basic personal hygiene, awareness on non- communicable diseases, healthy nutritional patterns, first aid, visual defects, pediatric nutrition,  skin diseases, breast examination and breast feeding.

      We were really satisfied in the choice of Analathivu, an island in Jaffna with poor medical facilities as the place for organizing the medical camp. We believe that we have provided the people of that area with basic health support in collaboration with the  MOH, Kayts.  We thank all of those who have benevolently contributed in making the medical camp a success.












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