Dear Mr. BPB, Welcome to Jaffna Medical Faculty

This is the Welcome letter, we received from the then Dean, Prof. K. Sivapalan before we come to the faculty. I thought to share that with our juniors and remind us of certain things...    

There has never been a practice of having a 'Parents meeting' on the very first day and so we were the first batch to have it!! Hence we were told by our seniors to come hanging a Drink Bottle on our neck as if we are going for Nursery. Some of us were even ready to go with Handkerchiefs that is fold in a triangular shape to be pinned on our shirt pocket. But unfortunately we told to abandon the plan at the last moment and we missed it!!

Dear Mr. Benedict Paul Bright,

Welcome to Jaffna Medical Faculty

We are informed by the University Grants Commission that you have been assigned to learn Medicine at this Faculty. I hope that you will register yourself as a student of this Faculty as notified by the Administration. The Members of the Faculty are happy to welcome you to the Faculty and hope you will make use of the facilities to the best of your ability without worrying about the shortcomings and emerge from this Faculty as a good and capable doctor. The staff members will do everything within their capacity to facilitate your learning.

I hope that you will appreciate the —difference between school education—where every bit of information is fed to you by the teachers and the University education where you have to learn whatever that is needed for your future. You have proved your ability to learn by the results of GCE/AL results you obtained. Therefore the outcome of the University education depends on what you choose to do in the University— play and play, learn and play, learn and learn.

The medical course it is noble by profession and exhausting by the load of the material to learn. I am sure that you are aware that the duration of the course is five years with compulsory internship of one year making the total time for you to become a doctor 6 years. As a doctor, you will determine the life and death of your patients by your professional ability and go further to become a specialist through further education. Even if you have no ambition to become a specialist, you will have to continue lifelong education to keep up with the fast developing and ever changing Medical Practice.

Our faculty expects its students to develop their personality as well during the studentship in the Faculty. You must grow into an adult with self determination to lead a meaningful life. For medical students who have huge loads of learning to do, learning and enjoying life should go hand in hand. Enjoying life does not mean harming or cheating others. It is sharing, communicating and doing creative things for others and appreciating other’s creative talents. I expect you to learn the habit of learning during learning time and engaging in sports, music or drama in the evenings: learn to identify appropriate friends and work with them. Please remember that the Medical Curriculum includes all that mentioned in this para and it is 24 hour a day, 365 days a year for 5 years and 1 year of internship.

You are advised to minimise your family influences except supporting your needs. It is preferable if they keep a distance without distracting you from learning of life skills at the most crucial period of your life, especially after the first examination until the final examination when you are expected to learn from the patients in the Teaching hospitals. 100% attendance is compulsory and excuses may be obtained from your consultants only for 10 % of the days. If your attendance falls below 90% in any clinical appointment, you will be requested to repeat that appoint which may necessitate missing your batch.

Don’t be disheartened by the information given above. The course is designed to increase the load gradually which will not be difficult for any student with correct attitude.

As you may know, the medium of instruction is English and we provide an introductory course in English but you are advised to improve your English skills as much as possible before coming here. Also the use of computer to store your notes and retrieve it, prepare for presentations and leisure activities are encouraged. We also provide basic computer course here but here again you are advised to develop your computer skill as much as possible before coming in.

If you want to prepare more to suit yourself as a medical student, visit a nearby hospital and work there as a volunteer to understand what it is to be a doctor, the role of nurses and other staff in patient care. Please do not bother with books and senior’s notes on anatomy, biochemistry and physiology because you will be taught appropriately with practical and tutorials for you to learn properly. If at all, revise your AL subjects to remember the basics of everything- to be able to understand details of systems of the body, how oxygen and carbon dioxide dissolve in fluid, how electricity and molecules spread through the body, what factors determine movement of fluids through a tube, the bonding properties of carbon etc.

The Medical Students Union has assured that there will be no ragging. There will be a Welcome Committee which will receive you and help you to settle down in a room and in the Faculty. There will be sessions of “mixing up” where you can associate with senior students and become acquainted with them. There will be no other communication with senior students during the initial weeks outside the Faculty or in the premises other than to help you. The UGC also has announced severe punishments for any senior student engaging in incidents of ragging.

The hostel which is nearing completion is expected to be available to outstation students shortly. However, the starting of the course will not wait for hostel accommodation to be ready. The hostel will be available when the University has got all the basic needs for the hostel like electricity and water.

The morning of the first day in the Faculty is meant for welcoming you by teachers and senior students. There will be a meeting where many speakers will address you. You are advised to bring your parents, at least one of your parents to this meeting or guardian to understand what the medical course will be, what will be your responsibilities and how they can help you.

Hoping to see you in the Faculty,




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Paul Bright

33rd batch. MSU President - 2014

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