Gala Nite 2016

75th anniversary of JMA “Gala night” was conducted in our Hoover auditorium on 30th of July 2016.

First two programmes were done by 36th and 38th batches. First programme was an amazing musical show which refreshed and rejoiced the audience. Next was a fireworks of rapid moving steps-fusion of all the cultural dances of Sri Lanka,which captivated everyone’s heart and took each and everyone who were present there to a different world.

Last was a mesmerising musical show by our doctors…They filled the auditorium with “navarasa” through a collection of songs reflecting 9 emotions.

Then there was an out door dinner at our faculty, which attracted everbody because of the colourful hand made decorations…All enjoyed their dinner in that litted open dinner hall which was arranged by 36th batch with the help of 38th batch


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