Yes we can! | Diroshan – 33rd batch

— Oratory performed in Gavel’s club–

In this modern era, everything we see has a value. We expect the best quality from what we buy. For all the worldly things we desire, we are so concerned on its value and  quality, but are we concerned on value and quality of ourselves? If we are, tell me….

What is the value of human mind these days? What is the quality of it, and the thoughts it gives rise to??Are they good enough to spread??Are they true enough to share?? Are they changing over time??Are they being lifted into the light or are they being buried by the darkness of evil and cruelty? How far do we give thoughts on this? How far….??

We build buildings that touch the sky…..We send vessels to wander around the stars….We conquer the earth and all its high mountains and deep seas…We, the humans, have achieved greatness!!But what have we lost in return??

We urbanize forests…cut down the trees at their roots…We leave our lands barren…. We chase away the rain and leave the soil dry from thirst…..We search across the seas and harvest all its goods….We harvest and harvest and harvest… we harvest more than what it can reproduce….

What have we lost?? What have we lost in return…??

We have lost our humanity, my dear friends, we have lost our humanity.We have lost the characteristic quality of being human. Most of us even do not care of people who are right beside us. Most of us have lost the kindness in our hearts.We have given up on the concept of caring.

We have no time to give a friendly hand to a person who is in need. We have grown selfish. We have grown selfish, my dear brothers and sisters, and now we dare to challenge the existence of selflessness. Our world is becoming more and more selfish, we take more than we need and leave our children with nothing, nothing to eat, nothing to wear.

We have given up the idea of sharing.We have stopped giving to the needy. We only focus on our own benefits. We have stopped thinking as a community and instead, we work as individuals, each planning for their own success. Our plans no longer work to benefit the society. We are more concerned only about our future, not the future of this world. And how far do we stand a chance with the world having no future at all???

If our minds do not change, if the way we think does not carry goodness… our world will definitely become a chaotic mess. But still, my friends, we can. We can change our minds, we can change our views, we can change the way we think, speak, act and together, we can make a difference.It is not an impossible task. Many people have proven this in the past. Many people have redefined humanity itself. Their beliefs and values are a guide, a path, an inspiration to the whole mankind. They have proven that this change is possible. They have shown that this change begins within our minds.

Jesus Christ, Socrates, Lord Buddha, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, Florence Nightingale, Mahatma Gandhi…. These are only a few of those who led an exemplary life. They showed us the value of humanity, they showed us how to care, how to love, how to forgive. And above all, they proved that we humans, though weak, can achieve greatness. We can achieve greatness together. They showed us that tomorrow; we can grow to be bigger, stronger, and smarter as a society, than who we are as individuals today.

Yes my dear friends, yes we can. We can make a difference….

We can change the world….We can master the cruelty in our minds, and seed thoughts of goodness and love, only if we determine to do it. Every one of us is a potential of goodness and greatness. Every one of us is meant to be the light of tomorrow. Every one of us, if we change our minds and the way we think, into goodness…. We can make the change. Yes we can!

N.Diroshan – 33rd batch

The Cover Page of Naadi -12

The Cover Page of Naadi -12

This Oratory performed by Mr.N.Diroshan (33rd Batch) at the Gavel’s club, appeared in the MSU Magazine - "Naadi - 12" published in December 2014


Editor MSU

Editor of MSU

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