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We are living in an ever connected world. Development of digital device is the milestone of technology. It makes the concrete effective benefits at the same time it may cause very catastrophic effect on its consumers. One of the adverse effects is digital addiction. Most of our people are not aware and twenty years ago none of us ever thought about it .Now it has become the global phenomenon. Almost all of us fall in its trap.

111-16Internet plays a salient role in our current life. Can we imagine a day without  internet, 20 years ago most of us were never been online. Now we have email twitter, Skype, Facebook, Viber,  WhatsApp etc. we tweet our heroes. When we need to find something we Google it. When we miss anything on live telecast we can watch it again in you tube. We can educate ourselves. When we blog our thoughts it makes our voices heard and it brings a spark revolution. Internet brings hope of progress and democratic  changes but the question is “ does it really ?”.

The critics argue that there is no such thing exist as “internet freedom”. They call it “Digital insanity”. Its really an addiction. The overload of information in the internet makes us lazy. Most of the contents are catastrophic to our culture. Some people consider it as a felony. Advertisements target to manipulate our choices and the sociologists say that mass on line surveillance erode our civil liberty and destroy our privacy.

Can we consider the digital addiction as the drug and alcohol addiction? Certainly yes! According to Oxford  dictionary , addiction means “a person is interested something and spend most of the free time on it”. So, we can directly apply this definition towards the consumers who put their interest on digital devices such as phone, laptop, iPad etc.

One of the leading psychologist in the USA Dr.Greenfield says, when we use internet  some contents of it cause to elevation in the dopamine level in the blood like gambling and cocaine drug usage. It’s one of the hormones that make people addicted to something. It’s the dramatic scientific evidence of internet addiction.

As we use internet the expectation of the user is increased but the demand  not fulfilled,  So that the viewers are always willingly or unwillingly connected with them. If you feel your pocket vibrate only to reach your phone and find no one has called or messaged you, that’s called “Phantom vibration syndrome”.  It’s a just one symptom of digital addiction. But the happiest thing is you are not alone. 16% of 18-25 year old adults in the UK have symptoms of net addiction according to digital clarity.

111-17I don’t think I’m a digital addict. This is exactly what an addict would say. Until their brain recognizes it there is no possibility of understanding about their addicted behavior.The social media has grown over the last decade to include millions around the world. It has become the major industry. 10 years ago social media didn’t exist at all. But at this age more than 350 million messages are being shared each day on Facebook. 400 millions photos are being shared every day. The You tube has become the colossal industry.

Really, social media has become part of the fabric of our every day life. It is interwoven everything we do. Some researchers say that social media would make a dramatic change within next few years because we create more data and more information than ever. 90% of all of the data are being created by mankind. It was actually being created within last 2 years. Coming years it is expected that data would increase more than 4 times than ever been created.  We are being used by technology. We are just data for advertising companies. The consumers don’t understand about the selfish motives behind this.

Some people argue that social media is making man as less humane. One group of people say Facebook is making people as narcissistic. But the reality is whether it’s good or bad, most of our people virtually don’t bother about it.  people use what’s offered to them. Lots of users think that they are helping to the society but the bottom line is that they are doing it for their own publicity. They don’t have any clear idea. They are consumed and addicted by social media.

Radical Changing and rapid growth of digital technology is inevitable. We have to involve in this process for our progression and become equipped and efficient. It helps to integrate and contribute to the society. Otherwise we would be thrown out  from the society. But first we should acknowledge the harmful effects and be cautious and serious about it. We must train ourselves to be in and to appreciate the present moment, bringing our minds back to our bodies with mindfulness. Be balanced, be aware, be present, be here. It is the digital Ditox.

A.K.M.Nasmi  – 34th Batch


The Cover Page of Naadi -12

The Cover Page of Naadi -12

This article by Mr.A.K.M.Nasmi, (34th Batch), appeared in the MSU Magazine - "Naadi - 12" published in December 2014

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Editor of MSU

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