Success and Nothing Less | Taiyini – 36th Batch

I lay and watch the stars above,

Wondering, who is up there that I love?

Across the world, too far to see,  

Is my family waiting for me.

Sometimes I lay in the dark,

Thinking, is this the right journey to embark?

The questions, exams, and heightened stress,

Makes me wonder how I’ll ever reach success.

Always wanting to give up, to leave it all behind,

Always fearing that I may lose my mind.

But the only hope that keeps me alive,

Are my dreams of a doctor when I was just five.


I cry and I fight, and this poem I write.

I know it is hard, but our dreams,

we cannot discard.

So I sit  here, wishing of  home,

Always remember you are never alone.


T. Taiyini  – 36th Batch


The Cover Page of Naadi -12

The Cover Page of Naadi -12

This verse by Ms. T. Taiyini (36th Batch), appeared in the MSU Magazine - "Naadi - 12" published in December 2014

Editor MSU

Editor of MSU

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