LOVE LIVING | Ishari – 36th Batch

World is full of thorns

If you can’t bloom as a flower

Be a fragrance, spread all over the space

Live as a river

Let it flow without any halt

And let that river to flow

Until found the sea it belongs…..

World is a dark sky

Millions of stars together make it look beautiful.


Try to be a moon in that sky

Lighten more than thousands of stars…..

World is an arena

We all perform our own role on the stage


Never try to imitate roles of others

You will end up with as the worst actor that ever was….

Live to Love and Love to Live

Find your own reason to “LOVE  LIVING”….



Ishari Dissanayake – 36th Batch


The Cover Page of Naadi -12

The Cover Page of Naadi -12

This verse by Ms.Ishari Dissanayake (36th Batch), appeared in the MSU Magazine - "Naadi - 12" published in December 2014

Editor MSU

Editor of MSU

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