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See your world in a different a angle

Medical profession is one of the demanding and stressful professions around which often makes it difficult to keep work and home life in a balance. It also gives a difficult time for the ones who tries to take on a hobby. A doctor must take his time to unwind, release his stress and recharge his batteries. Extracurricular pursuit can not only recharge a person physically but also mentally.

There are so many hobbies around for us, the medical professionals. In which painting and music are considered to be the ideal ones involving imagination, innovation and creativeness and are best suited for the doctors. Gardening, sailing, fishing, cooking, poetry, writing, photography, reading, acting dramas and many more hobbies are available to us to be practiced.

Photography is one of them, which is considered as an excellent and demanding hobby. For many doctors and others who practice photography as a hobby, it is more than a time pass, it is their passion. Due to its requirement of lots of concentration, it gives a complete distraction from our profession which gives us a chance to escape from our work related pressures.


There are number of different aspects in photography which means that there is always something to learn and one can try different things.It is the reason which makes photography interesting day by day. Although photography includes variety of genres, some of them are practiced more. Wild life photography, Landscapes, Nature and Portrait photography are the ones used more often as a hobby.  Nature and wildlife photography is well known for their ability to take the photographer one step closer to the Mother Nature. Wildlife photographers try masking themselves with the cameras and try to get closer for the birds and animals in order to get much realistic and extra ordinary moments of wildlife. Some of them are more talented in taking portraits which reflect a person, a culture or an emotion. They bring out the inner side of a soul. The view of Mother Nature is captured by landscape photography which is very easy and practiced by many. But there are always many more genres available for a photographer.

Photography is also used in other fields for various uses. For a long time it has been used for astrology. Micro photography and macro photography helps to capture tiny and larger specimens respectively, which used mostly in the field of forensic photography. Fine art photography, Aesthetic photography and Documentary photography are used in the field of arts. The photograph speaks and portrays the world as it is in the Conceptual photography. Which Photographer turns a concept or idea into a photograph. Even though those depicted in the photographs are real objects, the subject is strictly abstract. As already said, in photography, there are always new things to learn and new genres to be found.

To become a successful photographer, we must have a vision to see the world in a different angle.And also it is must to have appropriate tools in good conditions and adequate knowledge on how to use them. Most of the professional photographers use high quality cameras, lenses, tripods and many other minor accessories. But more than the accessories, it is our passion which brings the outcome with the click. Sometimes photographers convert themselves into tripods by positioning their bodies and holding still in order to capture unique moments, where they use their body as another accessory. Actually, the successful photographers don’t completely rely on the accessories, but they use it on their way to success. The professional photographic tools gives control to the photographer, the ability focus what he/she wants and take professional photographs using them.

But nowadays, due to the technicalAni pl advancements, digital cameras and mobile phones provide a chance to try photography for almost everyone. Handheld devices give a quick, convenient and almost always available tool for taking pictures even though they somewhat lacks in originality compare to a professional camera. But they gave birth to the photos called ‘selfie’s, the viral clicks of today’s web. As the computer age took over the millennium, computer digital imaging has stolen the place over the conventional photography and the digital photographic age dawned.

One can say that photography is also a sport where we have to compete with the light and reflections and redirect them to the camera and score some beautiful pictures. When you see the world through the viewfinder, you see another dimension. Even though with a busy life style, it reminds us to see things what we forgot to see. In today’s world, we forget how to live in order to keep our presence in the earth. Photography brings us closer to the things which are closest to us. Most of all, it teaches a human being to live.

Through the lens, there is another world which waits for you to take you to another dimension. It helps to relieve stress and refreshes the mind and body. Although there are extremes of various genres of photography, there is always room for the amateurs to learn and capture. An artistic eye is the key and  when combined with little knowledge and some practice, it’ll create a photographer. I welcome all of you to see your world through the lens!

Antonyrajan Annieston – 33rd Batch

The Cover Page of Naadi -12

The Cover Page of Naadi -12

This article by Mr. A. Annieston, (33rd Batch), appeared in the MSU Magazine - "Naadi - 12" published in December 2014


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Editor of MSU

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