Short Glance on days Hooked with Physiology Quiz | 2015

I am writing some experiences  I had this year  with two Physiology quizzes, Inter Medical faculties Physiology quiz and Inter Medical School Physiology Quiz – Malaysia. It was early in the March, we sat for the selection exam for physiology quiz,  Soon after a couple of days we were given our results. It was a prodigious moment, when I got to know that I’m participating in 13th IMSPQ 2015 in Malaysia in August and also selected for participating in Inter faculty physiology quiz that is hosted by our faculty this year.  Piratheepan, Jothiji, Niroshan and Judin were also selected.

From that day onwards, we were very anxious about preparing for both quiz programmes. It was very nervous because we were going to compete in front of our faculty members. We were having discussions after lectures and we were enjoying learning physiology with the taste of clinical stuff in the mornings.  Everyone in our team put the maximum effort from them. 

By the time when it was June, we were with much hope that we can achieve something that could be more valuable and can be dedicated to our Prof.Sivapalan who is going to retire next year and also this was the last inter medical faculty quiz headed by him as a president of SriLankan Physiology Association. So we were expected to achieve a big target. When we input, this information into our mind, stress autonomously raised within our nervous systems. And it was June 27th, the day with bundle of hopes, all medical faculties except Ruhunu, visited Jaffna with the dream of capturing the championship trophy. We were in last minute rush of preparing the stuff.

Physiology quiz 2015Our 35th batch team headed by Srinikethan joined with Dr.Sanchayan and excellently did the arrangements for the quiz programme. At about 9 am, programmes begun, at the first round we met Eastern Medical faculty and won them. Then on second round we defeated Peradeniya Medical faculty and were selected to meet Kelaniya Medical faculty in final round.

It was very unfortunate that we were unable to retain the championship with Jaffna, which was brought here last time by our 34th batch seniors, We made to be the runners up of the event. But it was much appreciated by our teachers and friends and of course being runners up in an island wide event is not that much easy to be achieved, we realized. Even though it was a crumbling moment while hearing the result, disappointments went away when we received loads of wishes from seniors, staff, friends and Lecturers. After hearing the words “I’m very happy with you all” by our Professor, we felt fulfilment with our commitments.

After a couple of weeks we were invited by our Professor to have  lunch with the staffs of Department of Physiology. It was a fulminant invitation and we were blessed to have an unforgettable marvellous lunch with legends of Physiology. By the way it was a typical Jaffna set menu too. On that day Our Professor asked about our Malaysia visit and about the goal that we have planned to achieve. It is very much true that we were having no idea about what we are going to do. Everyone remained silent and we were murmuring among us. Still I don’t know why I said Professor K.Sivapalan that our target is to be in top 20 out of 93 Medical school worldwide. He appreciated that and blessed us. Again we took our physiology books back and started discussions.

As days went, I was very much curious about my first flight. Till August 9th morning, Flight journey was an auditory experience to me as well as for my other team members. That day it became reality. Yes! I was in a flight, window-seated. Wow! “It’s time to take-off”, said Captain. Flight moved in a massive speed, suddenly gone up, Whoa! What a marvellous show it was. We were flying over Kattunayake, Felt something blocking my hearing ability, and then only it came to mind that we have to balance the pressure inside middle ear, studied long ago in theories. We were given some snacks. After some time, we crossed the border of Sri Lanka. I was curiously looking through the window. We were moving over the clouds, appeared like cotton wools.

After 3 hours of journey we were flying over Malaysia, I was watching dozens and dozens of buildings arranged in a nice way. It was a different view, which I have experienced only in Google earth before. Landing was also a new experience to myself. It took about an hour to finish all immigration procedures and we left the airport and went to our relatives’ homes.

We were requested to check in at University of Malaya on 11th evening. There by we had enough time to roam around Kaula Lumpur. We visited Batu Caves, Palace of King Sultan, Monument of World war, Sky tower, Petronas Twin towesr, under ground aquarium and many other places. Our guide gave explanations about all places. Massive buildings, Modern vehicles and so many things were impressive there. We also experienced the taste of Malaysian foods. Mee-Goreng, Nasi-Goreng, Char siu, Nasi Lemak etc. Ginger tea filled with ice cubes is still unforgettable. We were having new experiences each and every second in Malaysia. Cable car ride in Genting-Highlands, Touching the Lamborghini car with my hands and visiting the world’s largest Hotel were magnificent memories.

On 11th evening we checked in University of Malaya. We met our facilitator Leong, who was a 2nd year medical student in University of Malaya. We prepared for the written exam, after dinner. Written exam on 12th morning was somewhat harder. After the exam rest of the day was off for us. We went for a small shopping around KL.

In the evening we were invited to Cultural Programmes organized by IMSPQ team. Students from several Universities worldwide performed amazing shows. The programme was a colourful treat for our eyes. Next day  Host, University of Gaja Mada introduced their University and they delivered a wonderful presentation about Indonesia. After all impressive performances we felt that we also have to perform on this stage in future.

Again excitements built up. Prof.Cheng, who was the organizer and founder of IMSPQ, was announcing the names of teams that were selected for the oral quiz programme on the following day. He finished a set of teams, but our team name was not there. We were somewhat disappointed. Then on the next announcement he said “The University from Sri Lanka, which hosted the Inter faculty Physiology quiz this year. University of Jaffna”, It was an indescribable moment, we  were in the state of excitement. We were selected in top 40 teams out of 93 Medical schools, worldwide.

After realizing the indwelling happiness from success of written exam, we decided to put our ultimate dedication for achieving a good place on the following day. We had a small discussion in the night after meals till midnight. Next day morning after a boosted breakfast we got in to the auditorium for the main event.

It was the first round and we made it ours. We won with 12 points and walked into the next round, top 8 teams. We crossed the indurated second round into semi finals within top 6 teams.  We were receiving so many wishes from our friends and well-wishers over the phone.

It was very unfortunate that we were unable to survive semi finals. We felt so pathetic that we were unable to answer the gruelling questions. We heavily grieved with the result and went back to the audience seat. Anyhow we realized that was a renowned

Next day we checked out and went back to Uncle’s home. We went to Sunway Lagoon Water Park and spent that whole day there with bunch of Action games, 5D Theatre experience, Car ride, beach bath, heavy meals and in the evening, uncle took us to i-city, an artificial city fulfilled with lights, we had snow experience with mild frostbite there.

Next day, We were exhausted with shopping and packing. The following morning we gathered in KL airport, flied back to our nation with monumental memories.

I, behalf of my team, would like to thank our overseas Alumni for sponsoring us for Malaysian journey, and also I would like to thank Prof. Sivapalan sir, Mathangi madam and other staff who blessed us in our every achievements. Also I have to thank our 34th Batch seniors who guided us for these achievements.  Also I have to thank our colleagues, Parents and well-wishers especially former MSU president Kiriyukan anna with arrangements for the sponsorships. 

Thank you


This article by G.Praneev (35th Batch), appeared in the 4th MSU Newsletter published in November 2015.

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Editor of MSU

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