Address on behalf of 33rd batch at the Medicos’ Nite 2015

The President of the Medicos’ Nite organizing committee, The Chief Guest Prof. Daya Somasundrum, The Dean, Dr. S. Ravairaj,  Consultants, lecturers, staff, and my dear colleague..DSC00830

A very good evening to you all!

Let me start by saying that I am very proud to be addressing you today as the students of 33rd batch for the last time.

I guess that after the strain of final exams, most of us were looking forward to this moment. But I want you to look around you and remember this moment. Look at your batch-mates and your teachers, because from now on life will scatter us around the world, and most of us will meet, but if only at alumni parties and batch get-togethers. Recall the best moments of studying that we shared.

Our first day in August 2010, when we came so anxious and passionate and full of expectations following a long idle vacation time after A/L.  Remember our first funny group activity at the physiology lab, when we gathered together in groups and witnessing the performances of each groups. Recall your student friends with whom you tried hard to answer the eternal questions and find the sense of life. Remember the surprise we all felt when we understood that we are no longer the youngest in the campus, when the freshmen fussing around the corridors and faculty premises, caused us to smile at them and patronize them. Remember your favorite lecturer who made you feel a tiny spark of interest glowing inside you and managed to support this spark and helped us to discover who we are and what we’d like to do in the future. Remember everything and carve this moment in your memory.

Let me take this occasion to recall a few memories of the past 5 years and 5 months. We entered the faculty on 9th August 2010. We had the 8 weeks of introductory course and the mixing up program, which was stopped on its 4th day.

After a long time in faculty history, our batch comprised of students from all the Districts of Sri Lanka. That enabled us to become the first batch to hold the religious functions of all four religious communities; namely – Vaani Vizha 2010, Oli Vizha 2010, pongal 2011, Vesak 2011, Ifthar 2011 & Vaani Vizha 2011.

The pre-clinical time was an unforgettable period for us in this faculty as they gave enough room for student interaction as a whole batch. Biochemistry research was started for our batch after more than 15 years. Para-clinical period went off as a sprint. The clinical appointments started in June 2012. I too, like the BR of 29th Batch, lament today at the medicos nite, that we didn’t realize the importance of those appointments until we entered the professorials. But we gained good experience in clinical skills and in various other aspects of the medical field during this period. The professorial appointments were noteworthy and the credit goes to the consultants of the professorial units whose commitment, hard work and dedication have led us in achieving remarkable standards.

Apart from the educational activities, we have conducted a lot of events of which the memories will linger forever in our minds. Apart from the religious functions, our batch organized the welcome party for 34th batch, an entertainment show – “Heal the World” to collect money for the medical exhibition 2012 and number of cultural events at the scientific sessions of various forums such as JMA, JMFOA & College of Surgeon and at last we conducted the  Medicos’ week 2014 and medicos nite 2014. We still cherish the memory of our 3 dramas (vaalmiki, Kalakkum Kaavolaikal & Mukam Moodikal), which were staged for each medicos week competition. It is notable that we, the then freshers, became the runners-up at the medicos’ week 2011 and we won the 2nd runner-up in the drama competition.

We are thankful to the staff of the faculty for supporting and guiding us during the journey. We are truly obliged to the consultants of the teaching hospital for helping in the academic activities and sparing their valuable time for taking classes for us. We also wish to thank our seniors for their valuable support and guidance. We also thank the non-academic staff for their contribution in the educational and recreational activities. At this juncture, we remember Pirasanna anna, a faculty staff who died in Road Traffic Accident and convey our deepest condolences to his family.

Let me now address a few words to our juniors based on our experiences in the faculty.

We can understand that there is lack of awareness regarding the importance of the appointments done before the professorial appointments. Students are taking it light heartedly and utilize that particular time, in studying the para clinical subjects and doing the community medicine works namely – family attachment, three case studies, field health activity and of cause, the 2nd research of the medical cause, just to realize that they failed to make the best use of them to their full potential when doing the professorials. The students have to pay attention to the learning objectives of each appointment given in the curriculum book and that suits for the other subject also.

Nowadays, it has become inevitable to observe junior students asking the seniors as to how to survive and get the sign from the consultant for each appointment rather than asking about how to learn. The solution of having a barrier OSCE exam at the end of pre-prof clinical appointments, to make the students to give importance pre-prof clinical appointments, is feared to be an additional stress for students especially when having the same para clinical workload as the previous batches who didn’t have this OSCE, a 4th barrier. Curriculum review and accommodating the changes with time is an importance allegiance of any educational institution. But it’s worrying that we were given three Curriculums within our cause time of 5 years and 5 months. 

At the same time we are worried, rather feared of our juniors who are going to face Phase 2 exam, barrier exam, – all 6 para clinical Subjects together, for we have come across students who struggled hard even with the four subjects. In this new system, students need to attend 18 exam days – if it is held as how we had, marking the lengthiest exam of the cause. Furthermore, it is going to be followed by another barrier exam – pre Prof OSCE before starting the final year. We don’t know and can’t predict the outcome and so we are anxious to see it. So, dear 35th students, please make it a point that no last time measures will help you to jump over these barriers.  

I would also like to point out that the involvement of all students in university sports activities is reducing. There were periods in the faculty history, where the first set of university basketball team was all from medical faculty and the whole chess team is of medical students. We are proud to say that 7 Students from 33rd batch represented university teams, been the captain of the teams and won many awards and coloures.

You must realize that you will not get opportunities hereafter in life to exhibit your talents, to give life to your imagination and use your skills. We, students have to get rid of lame excuses to justify that we have no time for such activities, which is not true to our conscience. It is not a complaint if you find lack of opportunities, because it is you who create opportunities of your own. Make use of every single moment of this precious faculty life, please.

When we entered the faculty the senior most batch was the 28th and now when we are leaving the junior most is 38 batch. Thus we had the opportunity to mingle with nearly 10 other batches and we were under three deans (Sivapalan Sir, Bala Sir and Raviraj Sir).

It is good to see that student relationship between batches and within, is building up little by little, in-spite of a few notable deficits. We hope that the faculty will reconsider the paranoid ideas it had towards students and promote healthy Senior-junior relationship that has already sprouted.

Last but not least I thank the 34th batch for arranging this colorful Medicos’ nite.

Thank you.

Paul Bright

33rd batch. MSU President - 2014

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