Orientation programme for 38th Batch

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New comers, the 38th batch was warmly welcomed by the students of medical faculty with the patron of MSU. The orientation committee was formed in order to carryout the procedures. President and secretary were Mr.M. Achchuthan and Mr.M.Thanushan respectively from 35th batch of our faculty. The orientation program consisted six sessions.

First Session was held on 24th November 2015 (3 pm to 5 pm.) at lecture hall.

This day was the first day for the new comers. Students were divided into four equal groups. Five senior student volunteers (37th batch – immediate seniors) were included in each group. This grouping was done in order to avoid practical difficulties in doing activities with a very large number of students. Each group selected their own leader. The groups made their own cheers, flags, came up with a name and practiced for their performances.

The very first activity was the “name game”, where a student who can remember the maximum number of names of his/her group was selected and asked to introduce their group mates. This was done as the first step to get to know each other. The seniors of each group also took part in this game and they got to know the new comers. 

Students were given a booklet for the “signature hunt”. They collected seniors’ signatures and did some small activities like singing song when collecting signatures. Students who collected 100 signatures or above were given awards. The student who got the highest no of signatures was awarded in the welcome party.

Second Session was held on 27th November 2015 ( 3 pm to 5 pm.) at volleyball court and play ground

This was the sports day. Each group played volleyball, football and “thachi”, depending on their choice.  The newcomers were competing among themselves and the seniors encouraged and supported the players. The winners played a final match with the seniors on the next day. The senior team consisted players from 37th ,36th and 35th batches.

Third session: 30th November 2015    (3 pm to 5 pm. )

On this day the groups had their discussion on the fun topic which were given on first session.

The topics of the discussions covered cinema comedies, international games and something which were unrelated to the studies, after the discussion of 1½ hours. The immediate seniors (37th batch) identified talented newcomers to perform in the welcome party. 

Fourth session: 2nd December  2015   ( 3 pm to 5 pm. )

The groups had their intra group aesthetic competition .The aesthetic events included singing, dancing, stand-up comedies. Each group was awarded marks for each aspect and the winning group was awarded in the welcome party. The details of the programs were instructed to them on the first session.

Fifth session: 4thDecember 2015    ( 3 pm to 5 pm.)

Staffs of our faculty, Dr.R.Surendrakumaran, Dr. Valarmathy Ambalavanar and our former msu president Dr.Janahan shared their experiences with the newcomers.


Sixth session: 6thDecember  2015   (8 am to 12am.)

This was the final session of the program, it was a Sunday and seniors spent the whole day with new comers. On this day, in the morning new comers had some fun interactive programs in the grounds.

Venue: Hoover auditorium, Faculty of Medicine

Date :6thDecember  2015     5 pm to 7.30 pm.

The day  ended with the welcome party in the evening in which talented programmers from the new comers were staged.

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