10th Dean of the Jaffna Medical Faculty – Dr. S. Raviraj

Dr. S. Raviraj

Dr. S. Raviraj

We warmly welcome  Dr. S. Raviraj (Consultant Surgeon & Head / Dept. of Surgery) who has been unanimously elected as the new Dean of our Faculty today. He is from the 2nd Batch of our Faculty and he marks the first past student to become as a Dean at Jaffna Medical Faculty.

We are grateful to Dr.S. Balakumar, the previous dean, for the changes and developments made in the faculty over the last three years. We also remember with gratitude, all the deans of the past, for their valuable service towards our Alma mater  ever since its commencement in 1978. 


Past Deans of the Faculty 

Past Deans

Name of Dean

Period at the Office

1.       Prof. A. A. Hoover

May  1978 – Jun 1981

2.       Prof. R. Kanagasuntheram

Jul  1981 – Dec 1983

3.       Prof. C. Sivagnanasundram

Jan  1984 – Aug  1988

4.       Prof. K. Balasubramaniam

Aug 1988 – Jul 1994

5.       Prof. S. V. Parameswaran

Aug 1994 – Jul 1997

6.       Dr. R. Rajendraprasad

Aug 1997 – Jul 2000

7.       Prof. V. Arasaratnam

Aug 2000 – Aug 2003

8.       Prof. K. Sivapalan

Aug 2003 – Sep 2012

9.       Dr. S. Balakumar

Sep 2012 – Sep 2015

10.   Dr. S. Raviraj

Sep 2015 – Today

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  1. Our heartiest congrats to Mr Raviraj in his new assignment.
    We will continue to work with as we did in the past 26 years.
    From MIOT UK Overseas coordinating secretary

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