Physiology Quiz 2014 – An interesting and exciting experience

This yea13r 2014, our medical faculty has emerged as a champion of 2nd Professor Carlo Fonseka challenge trophy-2014 and participated in Inter-Medical School Physiology Quiz (IMSPQ) in Malaysia. And I am glad to say that I am the one of the participants in our faculty quiz team. So this year is an unforgettable period in my medical student life.

In the early part of this year, our physiology department conducted an exam to select the participants for the quiz. I, Elankumaran, Subatharsan, Mihiran and Sivomiya were selected as participants. I have a great interest in studying physiology. I believe that understanding the human physiology is indispensable because it is the foundation upon which we build our knowledge of what life or a human is, how diseases develop, how to treat diseases and how our body responds to stresses from different environments. I got excited and we were getting ready for the quiz which was planned in June. Unfortunately our faculty decided to conduct the 3rd MBBS part I exam in June. So I was pushed into more stress. And even though I mostly concentrate on the part I exam, I revised physiology with other participants.

After the Part I written exam, as planned already, our quiz team, Prof. K. Sivaplan, Dr. Mathanki and some of my batch mates went to Colombo to participate the quiz in the University of Kelaniya.Because of the part I exam our quiz team couldn’t complete the revision of physiology. So we decided to target a win in the first round, not the championship. At the same time we are 3rd year students, we were not touched with physiology like the1st year students. And we heard that most of the opposite teams are 1st and 2nd year students so it made us more stress and fear on the competition.

The quiz competition was held as a one-day event in 7th June. The quiz was organized by the Physiological Society of Sri Lanka and w11as funded by the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya together with the State Pharmaceuticals Corporation (SPC), Sri Lanka. The competition was held in three rounds i.e., preliminary, semi Finals, and final. The competition was started with distribution of the participating teams via a lottery into various Groups for the preliminary round of the competition. An important aspect of the distribution is that the first team to be selected into a particular group will face the first question in the group; the second team the 2nd question and the 3rd team the 3rd question. The winner team and runner-up team in a particular stage of the competition advance to the semi-final of the competition and winners of semi-finals play the Final.

Our team selected for group 1 and we faced the 1st question.  I got so nervous and palpitation. But questions were easy to answer not like what I expected. Our team performed well and other teams too. Finally our team achieved the goal that is win the first round what we target. Afterwards only we relaxed and enjoyed the remaining 1st round. After tea break semi-final was started, but our team didn’t have any expectations so we faced questions without nervous but you don’t believe that fortunately our team reached the final round which was more than what I expected. I felt like this as a dream.

After lunch, in the final round, our team and other two opposite teams performed well and showed the talents. Nobody judged that who will be the winner until the result comes. But the result was that our team and Peradeniya medical faculty got same points and top two teams of final. So judges decided to conducted tie break round. And finally we achieved. Yes, we became the winners. I couldn’t believe and realized what was going on at that moment. Our professor was so happy about our achievement and proud of us. After the prize giving, I got lot of wishes from opposite teams, lecturers and audience. I never expected        that in my life.

After come back to Jaffna, my batch mates, seniors and juniors appreciated our team for this achievement and gave warm welcome and celebrate it. And our professor Sivapalan sir gave a lunch party for our achievement and I thank him for that and his encouragement and also thank to Mathanki madam at this moment.

This made us to be confident on Malaysian quiz (IMSPQ). There were two months for the Malaysian quiz. So our team planned to do revision on physiology better than before what we did for the Sri Lankan quiz. At the same time we got trouble in getting fund for Air tickets and travel expenses and VISA. But finally we came across the barriers successfully. And I want to tell that we never reached beyond the obstacles without Jaffna Jaffna Medical students union. Their help was so valuable at that moment and they were always with us.

Inter-Medical School Physiology Quiz (IMSPQ) is a medical physiology quiz competition among medical students from universities around the world, organized annually since 2003 by Department of Physiology, University of Malaya. This year (2014), the 12th IMSPQ has attracted more than 90 teams from 24 countries including England, Australia, Mexico, Taiwan, China, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka and etc.

14IMSPQ 2014 was a 2-day event in which the first day was written quiz and the 2nd day was oral quiz. Participating in this quiz gave me a great opportunity to know medical students from various countries, and by talking to them I shared my medical student life experience with them and know their study methods in their university. There was a cultural night organized during the first day of the event. We enjoyed seeing performances by participants from different countries, such as Chinese Fan Dance, and some singing. Students from University of Malaya did perform some cultural dances and singing. All the medical students there are very respectful to us.

On the first day, the quiz started off with written quiz which consisted of 100 T/F questions in which negative marking would be implemented. It was an amazing test I ever experienced. I was nervous since I somehow not really sure of the answers. Scores of each participant from the same team will be averaged and only the top teams will go on to the oral quiz competition on the next day. Unfortunately our team didn’t manage to get into the oral quiz. Even so, all of us grabbed the chance to watch the competition on 2nd day, and to get an experience on how they conduct the quiz. The oral quiz competition was really exciting and it got more intense as it progressed to the final round. This was a great experience to all of us. It didn’t beat down our confidence, but instead our spirit is further heightened up and now we are very eager to encourage our junior students to join the next IMSPQ!

12Malaysia is the first country I visited.  And we also visited some places like the Twin towers, KL tower and Batu caves murugan temple. Through these both competitions I experienced the different way of thinking and study. It fosters the student-teacher relationship and changed student attitude towards learning physiology. I have learned how to apply the physiology knowledge especially during the clinical round. I had Lot of fun, very interesting and inspiring event. As medical students, we must study comprehensively, and it will be better if we know even the single detail of a physiological mechanism, so we can analyze the pathological basis of disease even better. And for you who wants to join IMSPQ you must prepare your basic physiology with strength, and fundamentally.

3rd MSU Newsletter

This article by Mr. S. Kajananan (34th batch) was appeared in the Third MSU Newsletter published in November 2014

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